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The island state of Hawaii was the last to join the Union. It's only been a state since August 21, 1959. Prior to that, it was a U.S. territory and before that, an island nation ruled by a royal family.

The state is a chain of 132 islands, with eight main islands, located in the Pacific Ocean. The Island of Hawaii, often referred to as The Big Island, Oahu, and Maui are some of the best-known of the islands.

The islands were formed by the molten lava of volcanoes and are home to two active volcanoes. The Big Island is still growing thanks to lava from the Kilauea Volcano.

Hawaii is a state of "onlies." It is the only state that grows coffee, cocoa, and vanilla; the only state with a rain forest; and the only state with a royal residence, Iolani Palace.

The beautiful beaches of Hawaii feature not only white sand, but also pink, red, green, and black.

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Hawaii Vocabulary

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii Vocabulary Sheet

Use this vocabulary sheet to introduce your students to the beautiful state of Hawaii. They should use an atlas, the Internet, or a reference book about Hawaii to determine how each term relates to the state.

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Hawaii Wordsearch

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii Word Search

This word search provides a fun, low-key way for children to continue learning about Hawaii. Discuss with students which U.S. president was born in Hawaii and how your time zone relates to Hawaii's.

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Hawaii Crossword Puzzle

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii Crossword Puzzle

Your word-puzzle-loving students will have a blast reviewing facts about Hawaii with this crossword puzzle. Each clue describes a person, place, or historical event related to the state.

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Hawaii Challenge

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii Challenge

Use this Hawaii challenge worksheet as a simple quiz to see how much your students remember about Hawaii. Each description is followed by four multiple choice options.

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Hawaii Alphabet Activity

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii Alphabet Activity

Young students can use this activity to practice their alphabetizing and thinking skills. They should put each word related to Hawaii in correct alphabetical order.

You might also use this activity to introduce students to the fact that Hawaii has its own language and alphabet. The Hawaiian alphabet consists of 12 letters - five vowels and eight consonants.

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Hawaii Draw and Write

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii Draw and Write Page

Students can get creative with this draw and write activity. They should draw a picture related to something they learned about Hawaii. Then, they can write about or describe their drawing on the blank lines that follow.

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Hawaii State Bird and Flower Coloring Page

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii State Bird and Flower Coloring Page

Hawaii's state bird, the Nene, or Hawaiian goose, is an endangered species. The male and female of the species look alike, both having a black face, head, and hind neck. The cheeks and throat are a beige color, and the body is brown with a black striped appearance.
The state flower is the yellow hibiscus. The large flowers are bright yellow in color with a red center.

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Hawaii Coloring Page - Haleakala National Park

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Haleakala National Park Coloring Page

The 28,655 acre Haleakala National Park, located on the island of Maui, is home to the Haleakala volcano and a habitat for the Nene Goose.

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Hawaii Coloring Page - State Dance

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii State Dance Coloring Page

Hawaii even has a state dance - the hula. This traditional Hawaiian dance has been a part of the state's history since the early Polynesian inhabitants introduced it.

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Hawaii State Map

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawaii State Map

Students should complete this map of Hawaii by filling in the state capital, major cities and waterways, and other state landmarks and attractions.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Coloring Page

Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Coloring Page

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was established on August 1, 1916. It is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and features the world's two most active volcanoes: Kilauea and Mauna Loa. In 1980, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was designated as an International Biosphere Reserve and seven years later, a World Heritage Site, recognizing its natural values.


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