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Alaska is the United State's northernmost state. It was the 49th state to join the Union on January 3, 1959, and is separated from the 48 contiguous (sharing a border) states by Canada.

Alaska is often called the Last Frontier because of its rugged landscape, harsh climate, and many unsettled regions. Much of the state is sparsely populated with few roads. Many areas are so remote that they are most easily accessed by small planes.

The state is the largest of the 50 United States. Alaska could cover approximately 1/3 of the continental U.S. In fact, the three largest states, Texas, California, and Montana could fit within Alaska's borders with room to spare.

Alaska is also referred to as the Land of the Midnight Sun. That's because, according to Alaska Centers,

"In Barrow, the state's northernmost community, the sun does not set for more than two and a half months-from May 10 until August 2. (The contrast is from November 18 to January 24, when the sun never rises above the horizon!)"

If you visited Alaska, you might see sights such as the aurora borealis or some of the United States's highest mountain peaks.

You might also see some unusual animals such as polar bears, Kodiak bears, grizzlies, walruses, beluga whales, or caribou. The state is also home to over 40 active volcanoes!

Alaska's capital city is Juneau, founded by gold prospector Joseph Juneau. The city isn't connected to any part of the rest of the state by land. You can get to the city only by boat or plane!

Spend some time learning about the beautiful state of Alaska with the following free printables.

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Alaska Vocabulary

Alaska Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska Vocabulary Sheet

Introduce your students to the Land of the Midnight Sun with this vocabulary worksheet. Students should use a dictionary, an atlas, or the Internet to look up each word. Then, they will write each word on the blank line next to its correct definition.

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Alaska Wordsearch

Alaska Wordsearch. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska Word Search

Review the Alaska-themed words your student is learning with this fun word search puzzle. All of the terms in the word bank can be found among the jumbled letters in the puzzle.

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Alaska Crossword Puzzle

Alaska Crossword Puzzle. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska Crossword Puzzle

A crossword puzzle makes a fun, stress-free review for vocabulary words and this puzzle of words related to Alaska is no exception. Each puzzle clue describes a term related the the Last Frontier state.

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Alaska Challenge

Alaska Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska Challenge

Let your students show what they know about the U.S.'s 49th state with this Alaska challenge worksheet. Each definition is followed by four multiple choice options from which students may choose.

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Alaska Alphabet Activity

Alaska Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska Alphabet Activity

Students can use this worksheet to review terms associated with Alaska while also practicing their alphabetizing skills. Children should write each word from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

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Alaska Draw and Write

Alaska Draw and Write. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska Draw and Write Page

Let your students showcase their artistic side while practicing their composition and handwriting skills. Children should draw a picture of something related to Alaska. Then, use the blank line to write about their drawing.

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Alaska State Bird and Flower Coloring Page

Alaska State Bird and Flower Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska State Bird and Flower Coloring Page

Alaska's state bird is the willow ptarmigan, a type of arctic grouse. The bird is light brown in the summer months, changing to white in the winter providing camouflage against the snow.

The forget-me-not is the state flower. This blue flower features a white ring around a yellow center. Its scent can be detected at night but not during the day.

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Alaska Coloring Page - Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark National Park Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Lake Clark National Park coloring Page

Lake Clark National Park is located in southeast Alaska. Sitting on more than 4 million acres, the park features mountains, volcanoes, bears, fishing spots, and campgrounds.

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Alaska Coloring Page - The Alaskan Caribou

Alaska Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: The Alaskan Caribou Coloring Page

Use this coloring page to spark a discussion about the Alaskan caribou. Let your kids do some research to see what they can discover about this beautiful animal.

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Alaska State Map

Alaska Outline Map. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Alaska State Map

Use this blank outline map of Alaska to learn more about the geography of the state. Use the Internet or an atlas to fill in the state capital, major cities and waterway, and other state landmarks such as mountain ranges, volcanoes, or parks.

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