French Expressions With the Verb Rendre

French Expressions With the Verb Rendre

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The French verb rendre literally means "to return" and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to give thanks, glorify, comply with orders, and more with this list of expressions with rendre.

Possible meanings of rendre

  • to give back, return
  • to administer (justice)
  • to hand in (homework)
  • to pay off (e.g., an experiment)
  • to produce, make, yield
  • to repay
  • to render (a thought, an expression)
  • to surrender
  • to vomit

Expressions with rendre

rendre + adjective
to make (happy, scared, mad, etc.)
rendre l'âme
to breathe one's last
rendre un culte à
to worship
rendre de la distance (running)
to have a (distance) handicap
rendre gloire à
to glorify
rendre gorge
to repay unfairly gotten gains
rendre grâces à
to give thanks to
rendre hommage à
to pay homage to
rendre honneur à - rendre les derniers honneurs à
to pay tribute to - to pay the last tributes to
rendre du poids (horse-riding)
to have a (weight) handicap
rendre des points
to give someone a head start
rendre raison de quelque chose à
to give a reason for something
rendre service
to be a great help, to be handy
rendre service à quelqu'un
to do someone a service
rendre le soupir
to breathe one's last

rendre visite à quelqu'un
to visit someone
se rendre à
to go to
se rendre à l'appel de quelqu'un
to respond to someone's appeal
se rendre à l'avis de quelqu'un
to bow to someone's advice
se rendre compte de
to realize
se rendre à l'evidence
to face facts
se rendre aux ordres
to comply with orders
se rendre aux prières de quelqu'un
to yield to someone's pleas
se rendre aux raisons de quelqu'un
to bow to someone's reasons
Rendez-vous compte!
Just imagine!
Tu te rends compte?
Can you imagine?