Sturdy II PC-460 - History

Sturdy II PC-460 - History

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Sturdy II

(PC-460: dp. 330; 1. 154'; b. 24'; dr. 8'6"; s. 17 k.)

The second Sturdy, ex-Elda, was built in 1930 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, N.Y. The yacht was purchased from Mr. Arthur Davis of New York City on 4 September 1940 and converted for Navy use by the New York Navy Yard. She was commissioned as PC-460 on 16 October 1940.

PC-160 was assigned to the Panama Canal Zone for patrol duty and arrived there on 13 November 1940. On 10 February 1942, she was assigned to the Panama Sea Frontier. On 31 January 1943, she sailed to Mobile, Ala., for extensive repairs after which she returned to Panama. On 15 July 1943, she was named Sturdy and redesignated PYc-50.

Sturdy steamed to Key West, Fla., for repairs and an overhaul in October 1944. She was under repair on the 29th when it was decided that she should be disposed of and all work was ordered stopped. Sturdy was transferred to the 7th Naval District for disposition.

Sturdy was decommissioned on 20 November 1944 and struck from the Navy list on 27 November 1944.


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