The History of the Magical Flying Carpets

The History of the Magical Flying Carpets

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Magic carpets are a form of transportation most notably found in oriental tales. These carpets are known also as flying carpets, as they transport their owners from one place to another through the air. Whilst magic carpets are perhaps most commonly associated with the stories found in the Thousand and One Nights , magic carpets have also been mentioned in the writings of different civilizations at various points of time in history.

History of Flying Carpets

Interestingly, contrary to popular opinion, the magic carpet does not feature prominently in the Thousand and One Nights . For example, in the Galland manuscript, the oldest manuscript which contains the first 282 (out of 1001) stories, no mention is made of magic carpets.

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In the original version of ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’, the abduction of Princess Badroulbadour and her bridegroom on their wedding night happened not on a magic carpet, but on their marriage bed, which was carried through the air by the genie of the lamp. It has also been asserted that magic carpets make their first appearance in more modern versions of the tale, most visibly Walt Disney’s 1992 Aladdin.

A manuscript of the One Thousand and One Nights ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )

Still, the history of magic carpets may be traced back to an earlier point in time. It seems that King Solomon of Israel is the earliest known historical figure to be associated with magic carpets. There are at least two versions of the tale of King Solomon and his magic carpet. One of these is said to have been written by a 13 th century AD. Jewish scholar by the name of Isaac Ben Sherira. This story is claimed to have been compiled from two ancient works that have since been lost.

Sherira’s Stories

In Ben Sherira’s story, the legendary Queen of Sheba had a royal alchemist who managed to make a small brown rug hover above the ground. Years later, the alchemist perfected his skill, when he discovered that the trick lay in the carpet’s dying, rather than in its spinning process. When the queen heard this good news, she had a magic carpet made, and sent to King Solomon as a token of her love. This carpet is said to have been made of green silk which was embroidered with gold and silver, and studded with precious stones. The carpet is also said to have been so large that the king’s host could stand on it.

Queen of Sheba.

When the carpet arrived, Solomon was busy with the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem. He could not receive the gift, and gave it to one of his courtiers instead. When news of this cold reception reached the Queen of Sheba, she was heart-broken, and decided not to have anything more to do with magic carpets. Without royal patronage, the alchemist (and his artisans) could no longer make magic carpets, and the knowledge is said to have been lost forever. Alternatively, it has been claimed that the artisans involved in the making of the magic carpet wandered around for years, before settling down somewhere in Mesopotamia.

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In another version of the Solomon story, the king received his magic carpet from God himself. This carpet is said to have been able to carry 40000 men in the air at any given time. Being in possession of this carpet, Solomon’s pride is said to have grown each day. Eventually, God decided to punish Solomon, and whilst the carpet was flying in mid-air, He shook it, thus causing the 40000 men on it to fall to their deaths.

Solomon at his throne, painting by Andreas Brugger, 1777.

Apart from being a mode of transportation, magic carpets have also been depicted as a sort weapon that was used during wars. One of these stories relates to a late 2 nd century B.C. Parthian king by the name of Phraates II. In 130 B.C., the king is said to have been engaged in a war with Antiochus VII, the ruler of the Seleucid Empire. In the story, Phraates flew from the heights of the Zagros Mountains on a carpet or a piece of cloth to confront his enemy, which he destroyed with fire and lightning. Phraates was given a triumphant reception when he returned, and is said to have floated over the heads of his subjects on his magic carpet. In another story, the 3 rd century AD. Sassanian ruler, Shapur, is said to have had a magic carpet too. Using his carpet, Shapur sneaked into the camp of the Roman army one night, surprised the Emperor Valerian, who was asleep, and abducted him.

    Al-Ḥasan ibn ʿAlī witnessed the will of the wealthy notable of the Tamīm tribe named Ṣafwān (the father of Khālid ibn Ṣafwān, later a notorious miser). Ṣafwān would leave behind 120,000 dirhams - a hefty sum. Someone asked why he bothered to acquire such wealth, . and he replied, "to weather the vicissitudes of time, to fend off the cruelty of rulers, and to vie for glory within the tribe." (He had never heard the eternal maxim, "Mo' money, mo' problems", I guess). The excavations overseen by Dr. Eleni Procopiou at Katalymata ton Plakoton, an Early Byzantine site within the Akrotiri Peninula on Cyprus uncovered a 7th cent. martyrium containing what's being called the "Alexander-Heraclius Stele." It's significant for all sorts of reasons . (e.g., it provide contemporary evidence for the prominence of Alexander in the propaganda of Heraclius), but let's just take a quick look at the iconography of Alexander. Even its damaged state, horns are visible (left) cf. Stewart's careful reconstruction (right) . I've been trying to wrap my head around all of bad luck in "The Story of the Hunchback" from 1001 Nights and have been immensely helped by @krisrich 's book on blighted bodies (ahl al-ʿāhāt), which I strongly recommend…

    9. A Witch’s Broomstick

    Witch brooms are usually an old-fashioned form of something called a “ besom , ” which was made from small, thin twigs tied to a stick. In Wicca, they use a besom to clean away any dust or herbs before they do their rituals. This is partially why broomsticks have become associated with witches, but the full story isn’t something you would want to tell children before they go trick-or-treating.

    Historians believe that the broomstick and flying may be related to a psychedelic drug called scopolamine that Wiccans would create called “flying ointment.” They believed that it helped aid them in astral projection, or their soul leaving the body. In order for their bodies to hallucinate using this ointment, it would have to enter the body through the skin. This only works in areas of the body where there are sweat glands with a mucus membrane, which only works in your armpits, or, well… the nether regions.

    This knowledge of “witches using brooms to fly” must have been taken literally, at some point, and it morphed into the image of a witch holding a broom stick between her legs that we know today. This idea has become so ingrained in society, that in early America, people took precautions to prevent witches from flying their brooms into their homes. In Vermont, “Witch Windows” were installed in nearly every house, because people believed that the window would be so small a witch’s broom couldn’t possibly fit.

    Flying Carpet Over Isfahan

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    Hidden in plain sight among the scientific and cultural wonders displayed in the American Museum of Natural History is an object straight out of fantasy. There, in a diorama of the Iranian city of Isfahan, is a figure riding a magical flying carpet. The figure is not labeled, and the museum has never made public its reason for exhibiting it.

    Flying carpets are a fantasy trope originating in ancient Arabic lore. Western readers were introduced to the concept through the classic book One Thousand and One Nights. The concept has since continued into various media adaptations of the book as well as in modern, original works such as the Harry Potter series.

    Only a few of the thousands of the visitors to the museum seem to spot the flying carpet, and of that few, there are different reactions. Some have viewed it as a whimsical Easter egg hidden in the diorama for the public’s enjoyment. It often appears as an item in treasure hunts played by children on field trips.

    There are, however, critics who don’t find the inclusion of the magic carpet to be appropriate. The diorama is part of an exhibit on historical trade cities of the Middle East. Some argue that the inclusion of the magic carpet in a historical setting is distracting. Others say it plays into an offensive, tired stereotype. The magic carpet is thus seen as one component of the larger problem of colonialism and cultural appropriation that have been connected to Western museums.

    Know Before You Go

    The diorama of the city of Isfahan is located in the Gardner D. Stout Hall of Asian Peoples in the second floor of the American Museum of Natural History.

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    Probably the work you are looking for is the Malleus Maleficarum, written in 1486. This work was used as the definitive work on how to detect and deal with witches. Previously, the position was that witches did not exist, and it was heresy to believe in them but by the time of this work the contra-viewpoint - that witches did exist and it was heresy not to believe in them - became official doctrine in the Catholic Church.

    Now the following is their method of being transported. They take the unguent which, as we have said, they make at the devil's instruction from the limbs of children, particularly of those whom they have killed before baptism, and anoint with it a chair or a broomstick whereupon they are immediately carried up into the air, either by day or by night, and either visibly or, if they wish, invisibly.

    Source (pdf page 219 of this English translation)

    The first known account, according to Wikipedia, was a claim in 1453 from a male witch Guillaume Edeli. This is a historical account, which of course can't be verified, but the person claimed to have done it. It was later used in fiction relating to witches/wizards.

    It has been around in movies for some time, and has seemed to be common lore, even before JK Rowling introduced it in Harry Potter. Just to give you an idea, the concept was included in the Wizard of Oz, the movie being released in 1939. I can't trace it back any further, but it's sufficient to say it was common place for at least a century, if not more, but probably back to the middle ages.

    I don't have a direct source for most of this, so it could be made up, but I had a friend who used to live in this area who was a Pagan. I don't mean a neo-Pagan or a 20th (or 21st) century Wiccan. I mean he was really into the old ways and studied up on them. I asked him about this and he said that it was originally ceremonial. There was a ceremony Pagans would use for cleansing the ground and marking it off to keep evil spirits out, and this involved hold the broom between their legs, which would look like they were riding it, and walking and kind of hopping around the area they were cleansing, basically defining a perimeter to their "clean" ground.

    There's a good chance that it was only the women who did the hopping with the broom between their legs, since it's a phallic symbol, and it may have also been a fertility ritual, so the ritual very likely had a sexual/reproductive element to it. (Especially since the idea was to make the ground ready for crops and planting.)

    I wish I could state this authoritatively, but I only have his word to go on. I will say that he really got into researching the "old ways" and being able to "educate" modern Pagans and to show some of them that they really knew very little of the traditions he had been studying.

    This also comes close to what the article on flying ointment says when it mentions that "It was said that witches were able to fly to the Sabbath on their brooms with help of the ointment." But it also goes on to say, "Likely the riding of the broom has a different origin."

    Since you're referencing Harry Potter, I'll include the explanation from that universe as well:

    According to the Harry Potter wiki, the earlier magickers (I'm tired of typing out witches and wizards) did not know of spells to make themselves fly, but they could make objects fly. According to the article on brooms, they could make objects fly, but not humans.

    The problem was, that even then, they knew muggles would be jealous of their abilities and that it was best not to let them know of the ability to fly. That meant whatever object they used to fly needed to be something that could be kept in their house, that was easily accessible, but that would look completely innocent to visitors.

    And a broomstick was one of the few items that would be present in every house, that had a reason for being in the house, and could be ridden on (even if it wasn't comfortable).

    ET Contacts & Abductions

    A new foundation has been created to research ET contact called FREE (the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters), acting as a support network for anomalous contact experiencers and researchers alike. In a special 4-hour program, George Knapp welcomed FREE members Robert Davis and Rey Hernandez to discuss the scientific study of the phenomenon and how FREE's efforts might change the way we view experiencers. FREE members and researchers Mary Rodwell and Rosemary Ellen Guiley also joined part of the conversation.

    The current focus of their work, explained Hernandez, is to conduct an academic investigation, through surveys and interviews, into those that have had UFO-related contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings. "In the future, we want to. compare this UFO-related contact group with individuals that have had other types of paranormal contact experiences," including NDEs, OBEs, and mystical encounters, he continued. Davis described the diverse types of questions that are on their survey, including details about a person's background, and the nature of the contacts, and the non-human beings.

    One of the most surprising aspects of the survey results was that the vast majority of respondents had a positive psychological transformation after their contact experiences, Davis reported. Rodwell noted that these results correlated with her research that most people appreciated their encounter experiences. She shared a recent Melbourne, Australia case in which a woman with chronic back degeneration was levitated onto an ET craft, and afterwards was pain free. An experiencer named Chris had Crohn's disease and was completely cured after being taken aboard a craft, Hernandez added.

    There's a whole range of entities being encountered that go well beyond the "greys" and "reptilians," including energy, crystalline, and tall blue beings, as well as humanoid and spiritual types, Rodwell outlined, adding that most of these encounters could be characterized as deep level connections rather than abductions. Guiley talked about her research into what she calls "Trans-Reality Earth"-- how our consciousness is changing as a result of people's experiences with otherworldly intelligences. When it comes to more hostile encounters with ETs, she cited possible involvement of the clandestine Djinn beings, and the trickster element.

    Flying carpets in space to harness the sun’s energy

    Yes, that’s right! A multi-million-dollar research project is underway to develop giant carpets of nanostructured material to capture illuminating sunlight in space.

    Picture this: a gigantic magical flying carpet floating endlessly above Earth made up of a myriad of glittering tiles, forever facing a Sun that never sets. What manner of fairytale do we speak?

    Is this the mythical carpet belonging to Prince Husain, eldest son of the Sultan of the Indies in ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ ( ‘ Arabian Nights ’ to you and me), that bears him aloft from place to magical place? Or is it Soloman’s carpet made of purest green silk with a golden weft, made an impressive 60 miles long and 60 miles wide, flying by the wind at his very command? Perhaps it’s Ivan the Fool’s carpet, gifted to him by the Baba Yaga of old Russian folk tales, helping him find his way ‘beyond thrice-nine lands, in the thrice-ten kingdom’?

    Then again, perhaps it’s the magic wishing carpets of Mark Twain’s Captain Stormfield, travelling ceaselessly through the heavens, that bear the closest resemblance to the flying carpet that concerns us here combined with the speed at which Prince Husain is ‘in the twinkling of an eye borne thither’, plus the scale of Soloman’s green carpet. However, where Soloman’s carpet was shielded from the Sun by a canopy of birds, this flying carpet is destined to continually face it, to capture, endlessly, the energy of its illuminating sunlight.

    Where the literary traditions of many cultures feature magical carpets, literally flying and transporting their passengers from place to place, a project called the Space Solar Power Initiative (SSPI) is developing flying carpets of a very different kind.

    A team from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has joined forces with global aerospace and defence technology company Northrup Grumman in a three-year, $17.5m project to develop solar-catching carpets of nanostructured material to be deployed in space. There they will capture and convert the Sun’s energy before beaming it back down to specific destinations on Earth as microwaves to be transformed into electricity.

    Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this all sounds a little far-fetched, but you’d be wrong! Prince Husain’s magic carpet is set to enter a brave new world, and it cannot come too soon.

    According to the global development network the United Nations Development Programme, some 1.4 billion people across the world have no access to electricity and a billion more only have access to unreliable electricity networks. In addition, about three billion people rely on solid fuels such as traditional biomass and coal to meet their basic needs. Access to modern energy services for cooking and heating, lighting and communications, and mechanical power for productive uses is consequently a vast area of unmet need and the challenge of energy access is particularly acute in the least developed countries of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

    The SSPI is developing the scientific and technological innovations necessary to enable a space-based solar power system comprising a network of billions of greeting-card sized ultralight, high-efficiency photovoltaics, plus a phased-array system to produce and distribute power dynamically, and ultralight deployable space structures, capable of generating electric power and all this at a cost comparable to that from fossil-fuel power plants.

    The project was conceived and is being led jointly by three professors in Caltech ’ s Division of Engineering and Applied Science (EAS): Harry A Atwater, Howard Hughes professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science and director of the Resnick Sustainability Institute Ali Hajimiri, Thomas G Myers professor of Electrical Engineering and Sergio Pellegrino, Joyce and Kent Kresa professor of Aeronautics, professor of civil engineering, and a senior research scientist at Caltech ’ s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    SSPI will develop technologies in three areas: high-efficiency ultralight photovoltaics, ultralight deployable space structures, and phased array and power transmission. Atwater ’ s group is designing the ultralight, high-efficiency photovoltaics, optimised for space conditions and compatible with an integrated, modular power conversion/transmission system. Hajimiri ’ s team is developing the integrated circuits and the antenna design for the system ’ s large-scale phased array, timing control, and the conversion of direct current to radio frequency power.

    Describing their aims, Hajimiri said: “Through a modular approach, power will be generated, converted, and radiated locally at the same place in space using a distributed power conversion and transmission solution created with modern integrated electronics that eliminates inter- and intra-module power wiring in the system. This significantly reduces the system mass, and thereby its cost.”

    He added: “This space-based, highly adaptive power generator will enable versatile on-demand power anywhere on the planet and will be able to almost instantly distribute the power to different locations. This is enabled through an agile phased-array system that can dynamically direct the power to the desired locations on Earth and simultaneously provide power to multiple destinations on demand. This can substantially reduce the need and the cost associated with the power distribution network across the globe.”

    The converted power from the orbiting solar panels will be beamed to these receiver ground stations using mechanisms similar to those used in phased array radars. Areas without power plants or a lack of major transmission capabilities would be ideal candidates to host these ground stations to capture the microwave radiation, which would then be transmitted to local communities.

    Any such system must first be able to collect the solar energy and then convert and distribute it and one of the key barriers to the realisation of cost-competitive space-based solar power systems is the deployment in space of large surface area structures (flying carpets) to collect solar power, at low cost.

    Pellegrino’s research group is designing and prototyping the key components for the architecture of the self-folding, origami-like, flexible, ultralight structures that can adaptively change shape and orientation in real time. As Pellegrino explains: “The cost and complexity of launching and deploying conventional deployable structures would be unacceptable for many applications.”

    To circumvent this barrier, his team is developing novel architectures for multifunctional deployable space structures with an overall areal density on the order of 100g per square meter, equivalent to one or two sheets of paper. “The concepts that we are investigating build on over ten years of research on deployable thin-shell structures, which most recently had resulted in the development of low-cost fibre-composite booms and reflectors in which elastic hinges are created simply by making small cuts in the wall of a shell structure,” he added.

    To achieve the project’s goals, Atwater, Hajimiri and Pellegrino have assembled a team of students, postdoctoral scholars and senior researchers. In addition, the EAS division is in the process of building specialised laboratory facilities to support the team. Meanwhile, Northrop Grumman engineers and scientists are collaborating with the Caltech researchers to develop solutions, build prototypes and obtain experimental and numerical validation of concepts that will allow for the eventual implementation of the system.

    Harvesting energy in space isn’t a new idea. Isaac Asimov’s 1941 science-fiction short story ‘Reason’, published as part of his Robot series, explored the concept of a manned space station that supplies energy via microwaves beamed to other planets, with robots controlling the energy beams. No mention of carpets though.

    Like Asimov’s idea, SSPI is striking and impressive in its concept and its challenges: to send millions of clean kilowatts back to an energy-hungry Earth, in the grip of climate change.

    However, despite its breathtakingly ambitious nature, the SSPI project is tantalisingly feasible. With no night-time, coupled with the ideal conditions that space offers in order to harvest the immense amounts of raw solar energy on offer, perhaps magic flying, solar-catching carpets do indeed provide the answer to Earth’s search for sustainable clean energy.

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    The Flying Carpets Walkabout

    From across the desert sands come legendary storytellers & men of mystery Ruby Murray and Alfonso Mango, on their magical flying carpets. Played in the romantic style of Victorian men on their magnificent flying machines, mixed with the slap-stick comedy of a Bernie Clifton style ostrich illusion. These colourful, comic characters demonstrate powers of flight and levitation, enchanting all with their tall tales, terrible jokes and inept seductions.

    Suggested Themes

    Fantasy, Storybook, Magical Lands, Bollywood, Morrocan or Arabian Nights, Pantomime, Christmas, Children's Literary Events.

    Technical Details:

    3 x 30 min or 2 x 45 min sets per day

    A clean, secure & private changing space close to the performance area.

    Please contact us for comprehensive Tech Spec


    "I hired the Flying Carpets to add a bit of buffoonery to our event. they were excellent! They were, without doubt, a big talking point with our clients, I would certainly recommend this duo to anyone who was looking for something a bit different."

    Printed Media

    The Magic Carpet's Secret

    In this book, Carpet's origins are revealed after he is stolen by two unknown figures, forcing Aladdin on an adventure to find his friend and discover his past.

    A Whole New World (A Twisted Tale)

    In this novel, Carpet's initial meeting with Aladdin and Abu is the same as in canon, but when Jafar departs with the lamp and leaves Aladdin trapped in the cave, Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet must escape the cave on their own without the genie. However, when they attempt to rescue Jasmine from the palace, Carpet is trapped under a heavy pillar. Jafar cuts the Carpet into pieces in a scene that implies a torturous death, using his threads to make Jafar's key soldiers fly. As the book ends with the loss of all magic, the Carpet cannot be brought back.

    Immortal Path to Heaven

    Yuqi the Venerable One’s eyes flickered. His eyes looked so fierce as though he could look through one’s heart.

    He looked at Ou Yangming and asked, “Oh? So you the person that disappeared from the interspatial passage?”

    Ou Yangming nodded seriously. “That’s right.”

    Yuqit the Venerable One kept a straight face. He had found out about Ou Yangming’s identity, but he pretended to know nothing at this moment and had a poker face, such that nobody could notice anything.

    He later scanned Ou Yangming from head to toe as if it was his first time knowing the young fellow, then he stroked his beard and asked, “I’m curious—how did you leave the interspatial passage without being noticed at all?”

    Ou Yangming smiled bitterly and answered, “It was Ghost-clawed Venerable One’s doing, but I have no idea how it managed to do it.”

    “Ghost-clawed?” Yuqi the Venerable One was shocked. “I know it very well, so I’m sure it’s not capable of doing that!”

    Although Ghost-clawed Venerable One had notable combat power, it lacked in terms of its level of attainment in magic art. More importantly, the interspatial passage was built together by the Humans’ Nine Great Venerable Ones, hence they would not believe that Ghost-clawed Venerable One could take someone out of the passage without anyone knowing.

    Ou Yangming spread out his hands and said, “I sensed Ghost-clawed Venerable One’s aura when I was taken away—this I’m sure of.”

    Yuqi the Venerable One stared at him and asked after some time, “If you were taken away by it, how did you get away?”

    “I used some tricks and managed to get away by luck,” Ou Yangming answered after some thought. He avoided the main point and gave a brief answer.

    Yuqi the Venerable One furrowed his eyebrows a little but as dissatisfied as he was, he could not question the young fellow closely at this time.

    After finding out about Ou Yangming’s identity, Yuqi the Venerable One immediately planned to become acquainted with the young fellow. It took him a lot of effort to leave a decent impression for Ou Yangming, so he could not ruin his image because of this.

    𠇏orget it—you’re incredibly lucky to have broken free,” Yuqi the Venerable One remarked and added after a pause, 𠇍on’t worry, apart from you, the others arrived at the Spiritual Realm safe and sound.”

    Ou Yangming’s eyes lit up, but he still asked in a deep voice, “Since they’re well, why aren’t there any news about them in the Spiritual Realm?” He looked with bright eyes at the Venerable One and questioned sternly, “I went to the Beast King Sect before this, but I didn’t find out anything about them.”

    Yuqi the Venerable One cursed internally, 𠆊re the people in our sect a bunch of idiots? How could they let someone like him leave just like that?

    �i Zhiyi realized how talented he is but didn’t insist on recruiting him too. Ah, he’s not resolute enough.’

    Nonetheless, he explained calmly, 𠇍ue to your disappearance, we suspected that there might be a fatal defect in the passage, and we were afraid that the passage will be used by the Beasts, so we decided to block any news about it. Unless you’re found and things are clear, or if we figure out what’s wrong with the passage, we won’t let any news spread at all.”

    Ou Yangming was slightly stunned. Even though he did not think that his disappearance was closely related to the reason no news was spread, he could only accept the Venerable One’s explanation.

    After all, the formidable Venerable One had lowered himself to speak to him amiably. If he failed to appreciate the Venerable One’s kindness and infuriated him instead, he would not be able to withstand it if the Venerable One slapped him.

    Following that, Yuqi the Venerable One cleared his throat and asked, “Let’s go back to the Beast King Sect, then I’ll ask your friends to come over. What do you think?”

    Ou Yangming was moved. “Senior, are they on Mount Wuzhi now?”

    Yuqi the Venerable One twitched his mouth and answered, “Yes. I could’ve gone to Mount Wuzhi with you but now that Ghost-clawed Venerable One left angrily, I’m afraid that it’ll gather insect powerhouses to attack the Beast King Sect, so I must watch over the sect.” He glanced at the young fellow and added, “If you’re afraid, I can also get someone to send you there.”

    The young fellow raised his eyebrows and responded, “My cultivation base’s still low, but I won’t flee during a crucial time. Heh, since I’m the reason this is happening, I’ll contribute my mite.”

    “You better not be a burden to us you can just stay still in the sect,” the Venerable One thought.

    It was true that Ou Yangming had a mysterious technique that allowed him to eliminate 3 high-rank spirit beasts without a sound, Yuqi the Venerable One still did not want him to anyhow get involved in a fight.

    Not to mention that an outsider’s sudden involvement might affect the Beast King Sect’s overall defense, the little red bird’s warning before it left was enough to make Yuqi the Venerable One afraid of letting Ou Yangming risk his life.

    Needless to say, the Venerable One was also a little selfish for wanting to bring Ou Yangming back to the Beast King Sect, but he did not need to explain to the young fellow about that.

    As Yuqi the Venerable One waved his sleeve, an enormous power was released. He then uttered coldly, “Okay, let’s talk about it once we return to the mountain.”

    In the blink of an eye, Yuqi the Venerable One brought the old macaque, Ou Yangming, and Big Yellow into the sky, then they zoomed into the distance.

    A Venerable One had already surpassed one’s physical limits. One of the greatest differences between such a being and other powerhouses was the ability to fly freely in the universe.

    Other than Venerable Ones, the Birds were the only ones that could fly. They could spread their wings and take advantage of the high altitude to launch violent attacks on their enemies on the ground. Besides, they could also escape into the sky if they encountered strong enemies that could not be defeated.

    Therefore, before one became a Venerable One, the Birds were the most hated and feared race.

    Nevertheless, once a powerhouse became a Venerable One, not only would one’s combat method change drastically, but one would travel differently from before.

    When Yuqi the Venerable One fanned his sleeves at this moment, he naturally released an irresistible power, which enveloped Ou Yangming and the others. The moment he flew in the sky, a peculiar treasure appeared beneath them. The treasure expanded along with the wind, and it turned out to be a carpet that was several meters long.

    Ou Yangming and Big Yellow did not feel anything soft beneath them even when they were standing on the carpet. Instead, it felt like they were standing on the ground, which was steady and reliable.

    Under the Venerable One’s control, the carpet flew straight toward the Beast King Sect. Ou Yangming and Big Yellow had strange looks in their eyes when they saw the drifting clouds around them, as well as the shrunken view below them.

    It was not their first time in the sky as they had experienced flying on the goshawk’s back before this.

    However, riding a carpet in the sky seemed to be an entirely different feeling.

    Ou Yangming crouched and brushed his hand across, and he sensed a queer energy fluctuation on it. It was the Venerable One’s power, but there seemed to be another power working amidst the fluctuation.

    Despite having inspected for a long time, Ou Yangming could not figure out what exactly the carpet was refined from.

    The young fellow did not give up. He pondered carefully, then he suddenly reached out to pull out a handful of wool from the carpet.

    Yuqi the Venerable One was not looking at Ou Yangming, but he still observed him through his mental conception. He could not help but twitch his mouth when he saw what the young fellow did.

    ‘What’s this young fella trying to do?

    ‘This is a flying carpet. It’s not priceless, but it’s definitely one of the top 10 treasures that I have.

    ‘I rarely take it out, and I don’t even let other people clean it.

    𠆋ut I can’t believe that this young fella’s so unrestrained that he pulled out a handful… A handful of wool!’

    At this moment, Yuqi the Venerable One had the urge to slap Ou Yangming. He even regretted wanting to recruit this wild kid into his sect, and he wondered if he made the right choice.’

    Having said that, the eyes of the Venerable One and the old macaque changed oddly at the next instant.

    After Ou Yangming pulled out a handful of wool, instead of playing with it, he shook his hand and released a fire, which was not particularly intense.

    This flame seemed normal as it looked like something that could be done by any blacksmith or alchemist. That said, Yuqi the Venerable One and the old macaque screamed internally when they sensed the fire.

    Based on their experience and abilities, they vaguely sensed the secret contained in the fire.

    Of course, as remarkable as their abilities were, they could not sense the fire’s origin they only sensed a shocking meaning of the flame. Nonetheless, it was enough for them to find out many things.

    ‘No wonder the little red bird flew into a terrible rage because of him. I see, I see…’

    Yuqi the Venerable One looked down and thought, 𠆏orget it—I’ll let this young fella do as he wishes.

    The Venerable One had made up his mind. Even if he had to give up on his precious Flying carpet, he must not get on Ou Yangming’s bad side.

    Ou Yangming naturally did not know what the Venerable One was feeling. He was thrilled as he found something that he was interested in, so he fully focused on the handful of wool.

    There must be a drive that allowed the flying carpet to fly in the sky, and the owner of the drive was none other than Yuqi the Venerable One. Nevertheless, the carpet was certainly a rare piece of equipment, which naturally caught Ou Yangming’s attention.

    Since the young fellow lay on the flying carpet and studied it for a long time, he obviously gained something.

    Putting aside the flying carpet’s overall structure and formation map, its wool alone carried a massive secret.

    Ou Yangming immersed in his Military Fire with his mental conception and slowly explored the mystery.

    Yes, as expected by him, subtle and exquisite veined patterns could be found on the scattered wool.

    Watch the video: History of Magic and Magicians in 10 Minutes. The Greatest Magicians in history. (May 2022).


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