If The World Were a Village…

If The World Were a Village…

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If the world were a village of 100 people…

61 villagers would be Asian (of that, 20 would be Chinese and 17 would be Indian), 14 would be African, 11 would be European, 9 would be Latin or South American, 5 would be North American, and none of the villagers would be from Australia, Oceania, or Antarctica.

At least 18 villagers would be unable to read or write but 33 would have cellular phones and 16 would be online on the Internet.

27 villagers would be under 15 years of age and 7 would be over 64 years old.

There would be an equal number of males and females.

There would be 18 cars in the village.

63 villagers would have inadequate sanitation.

33 villagers would be Christians, 20 would be Muslims, 13 would be Hindus, 6 would be Buddhists, 2 would be atheists, 12 would be non-religious, and the remaining 14 would be members of other religions.

30 villagers would be unemployed or underemployed while of those 70 who would work, 28 would work in agriculture (primary sector), 14 would work in industry (secondary sector), and the remaining 28 would work in the service sector (tertiary sector). 53 villagers would live on less than two U.S. dollars a day.

One villager would have AIDS, 26 villagers would smoke, and 14 villagers would be obese.

By the end of a year, one villager would die and two new villagers would be born so thus the population would climb to 101.


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