Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee

 Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee

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In a letter dated Lexington, Viriginia, July 9th, he gives a furtheraccount of his plans for the summer:

"...I have delivered your letter to Mildred, who has just returnedfrom a visit to the University of Virginia, where she saw a great manypersons and met with a great deal of pleasure. She ought to be, andI believe is, satisfied with commencements for this year, havingparticipated in three. I am sorry to tell you that I cannot godown to the Pamunkey this summer as I had intended;... I had hopedto be able, after the conclusion of the commencement exercises ofWashington College, to visit the Pamunkey, and to return by the 15thinst. so as to be present at the Convention of the Teachers of Virginia,which assembles here on that day; but I was detained here so longthat I found I would be unable to accomplish what I desired. Custis,who was to have accompanied me, will go down in a day or two....

"About the 20th of this month I shall go to the Rockbridge Baths withMrs. Lee, who wishes to try the waters again, and after seeing hercomfortably located, if nothing prevents, I shall go with Mildredand Agnes to the White Sulphur for a few weeks.... It is delightfullyquiet here now. Both institutions have closed, and all are off enjoyingtheir holiday. I should like to remain, if I could. Colonels Shippand Harding have gone to get married, report says. Colonel Lyle andCaptain Henderson, it is said, will not return. Captain Prestonhaving been appointed professor at William and Mary, we shallnecessarily lose him, but Colonel Allen will be back, and all the rest.We are as well as you left us. The girls had several friends atcommencement. All have departed except Miss Fairfax and Miss Wickham.The election is over and the town tranquil."


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