Schools Have Lots of Options When Selecting a Cell Phone Policy

Schools Have Lots of Options When Selecting a Cell Phone Policy

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Cell phones are increasingly becoming more of an issue for schools. It seems that every school addresses this issue utilizing a different cell phone policy. Students of all ages have begun to carry cell phones. This generation of students is more tech savvy than any who has become before them. A policy should be added to the student handbook to handle cell phone issues according to your district's stance. Several different variations of a school cell phone policy and possible consequences are discussed here. Consequences are variable as they could apply to one or each of the policies below.

Cell Phone Ban

Students are not permitted to possess a cell phone for any reason on school grounds. Any student caught violating this policy will have their cell phone confiscated.

First Violation: The cell phone will be confiscated and given back only when the parent comes by to pick it up.

Second Violation: Forfeiture of the cell phone until the end of the last day of school.

Cell Phone Not Visible During School Hours

Students are permitted to carry their cell phones, but they should not have them out at any time unless there is an emergency. Students are allowed to use their cell phones only in an emergency situation. Students abusing this policy could have their cell phone taken until the end of the school day.

Cell Phone Check In

Students are permitted to bring their cell phone to school. However, they must check their phone into the office or their homeroom teacher upon arriving to school. It can be picked up by that student at the end of the day. Any student who fails to turn in their cell phone and is caught with it in their possession will have their phone confiscated. The phone will be returned to them upon paying a fine of $20 for violating this policy.

Cell Phone as an Educational Tool

Students are permitted to bring their cell phone to school. We embrace the potential that cell phones can be used as a technological learning tool in the classroom . We encourage teachers to implement the use of cell phones when appropriate into their lessons.

Students will be trained at the beginning of the year as to what proper cell phone etiquette is within the confines of the school. Students may use their cell phones for personal use during transition periods or at lunch. Students are expected to turn their cell phones off when entering a classroom.

Any student who abuses this privilege will be required to attend a cell phone etiquette refresher course. Cell phones will not be confiscated for any reason as we believe that confiscation creates a distraction for the student which interferes with learning.


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