Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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This is a great Halloween scavenger hunt that will have your students scavenging online for the answers to the questions below.

Scavenger Hunt Directions

Find the answers to questions 1 - 20 (below) on the following pages to complete the following Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Halloween Questions

1. What kind of worms are in wormy apples?

2. What do you get when you cross a Snowman with a Vampire?

3. Name the Halloween Haunted House in Bentleyville, PA.

4. Where does the name Halloween come from?

5. In what year did the Salem witchcraft trials occur?

6. What color should the Walkman box be sprayed in order to complete the Walkman costume?

7. In 'Halloween Checkers', what type of creature is on your pieces?

8. What label should you look for when purchasing costumes?

9. What do you make the Halloween Spiders legs out of?

10. Who wrote The House of Seven Gables?

11. What three ingredients are needed to make Goopy Slime?

12. In the Easy Halloween Maze, what are you trying to help the skeleton find his way to?

13. Who wrote "The Raven"?

14. What sign should hang over the entrance to a Harry Potter Halloween party?

15. Where can you see memorabilia from pirates like Blackbeard?

Happy hunting!


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