The 8 Best General Online Tutoring Services to Use in 2019

The 8 Best General Online Tutoring Services to Use in 2019

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Need some extra help when it comes to schoolwork? You're not alone. Countless people can benefit from a tutor for test taking or general comprehension of the subject material (because let's face it, not all of us can learn the Pythagorean theorem, craft the perfect essay, or rattle off the symbols of the Periodic Table of Elements immediately). So whether you're looking for an online tutoring service for yourself or your child, it's important to do your research to select the best fit. This guide to the best general online tutoring services will help you make the right choice based on your budget and specific tutoring needs.

Most Experienced Tutors: Smarthinking

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While the experience levels of tutors at many companies can be hit-or-miss, with some instructors just starting out and some with Ph.D.s to their name, tutors at Pearson's Smarthinking have a notable level of experience and expertise. Ninety percent of Smarthinking tutors have Ph.D.s or master's degrees, and many are college faculty members who supplement their careers by working remotely with Smarthinking. Their tutors are also heavily vetted and prepped with an intensive virtual classroom-specific training program and tutoring certification, as well as regular assessments.

Smarthinking offers one-on-one tutoring in diverse subject areas, from nursing to business, statistics, computers, technology and reading. Students can connect to tutors on demand in drop-in sessions, submit writing for feedback, ask specific homework questions outside of scheduled hours or schedule appointments with expert tutors. One hour of tutoring at Smarthinking is $35, and a career writing review is $25.

Best Mobile Tutoring: Varsity Tutors

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Need a tutor? There's an app for that at Varsity Tutors. The mobile app has an interactive platform where you can edit documents, complete math problems and chat with your tutor live. With the app, you can also see your tutor's schedule, keep an account so you can purchase and track tutoring hours, as well as schedule tutoring sessions.

If you select the traditional tutoring package at Varsity Tutors, a tutor will set up a customized learning plan for you after a consultation, and you can work with them live on Varsity Tutors' interactive digital platform. If you need more instant access or urgent homework help, you can also connect with a tutor right away. You can use your purchased tutoring hours to study any subject you like. With 40,000 tutors teaching over 1,000 subjects to students around the world, Varsity Tutors has a great deal of diversity, so it won't be hard to find the exact kind of expertise you need.

Best Selection Process: Wyzant

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Wyzant's online tutoring selection process allows you to see the Wyzant tutors online at any given time, as well as their profiles, areas of expertise, ratings and rates. Each tutor's profile includes the instructor's bio (written in their own words, so you can get a sense of their personality), educational background, rates and weekly schedule. Many tutors also offer group rates if you want to take lessons together. Tutors also contribute articles and answers to questions in their preferred subject areas, so you can get a better idea of how they work and explain difficult concepts before committing to payment.

Tutors' profiles also include their ratings and reviews, so you can get a better feel for their working style, skill levels and any potential issues in your tutor/student relationship. If you decide to purchase an online tutoring session at Wyzant, you have a Good Fit Guarantee, which allows you to select another tutor for free if it doesn't work out between you and your first pick.

Best Homework Help: Princeton Review

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If you have a specific question about a given homework assignment and need instant access to homework help, Princeton Review is a solid go-to online tutoring service. Princeton Review tutors are available 24/7, and most clients connect with a tutor in less than a minute. After connecting with a tutor, you can schedule a one-on-one session for a later date or instantly start getting homework help right then and there. You can access tutoring sessions on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Princeton Review tutoring is available in over 40 high school and college subject areas. The “pay as you go” rate is 75 cents a minute, while one hour a month runs you $39.99. A two-hour/month tutoring package costs $79.99 and comes with a money back guarantee, while a three-hour/month costs $114.99 and is also guaranteed to earn you better grades.

Best Money-Back Guarantee:

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Many students don't feel comfortable committing to paying for a tutoring session if it doesn't work out or they don't see results. offers a generous money-back guarantee, so you don't have to worry about wasting your hard-earned cash. You can start off with a free tutoring session to get your feet wet. If you like what you see, you can sign up for one of several tutoring packages. has tutors available in AP subjects, math, science, English and language arts, social studies/history and standardized tests. Tutors are available 24/7, and appointments aren't required. A one-hour/month tutoring plan is $39.99. Two hours a month is $79.99, and three hours per month is $114.99. Both of the latter plans come with money-back guarantees; you'll be reimbursed if you don't get better grades after your tutoring sessions.

Best Value: TutorEye

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On a budget, but still want an experienced, quality tutor? TutorEye's online tutoring sessions are some of the most affordable on the market. After you chat with an online tutor for free to see if you're a good fit, you can make a selection and enter a virtual “classroom,” when you'll start paying as little as $7.99 for 30 minutes of instruction. If your time is up and you still have more questions, you can purchase another half hour. You purchase your minutes through a monthly subscription, and if you don't use up all your minutes in a given month, they'll roll over to the next, making TutorEye a great deal for people who might need ongoing homework help.

TutorEye has tutoring available in all subjects, but many of their instructors specialize in math and science subjects, such as physics, biology, algebra, calculus, and chemistry. TutorEye has many language and ESL instructors, too. All tutors are verified, background checked, and specially trained in online teaching.

Best Business Tutors: Chegg

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If you're a college business major or MBA student, or if you're taking a business class and need some extra assistance, Chegg has a wide range of experienced business tutors available. Tutors are available in subjects such as business administration, finance, business education, e-commerce management, information systems, business ethics, and energy sector management. Many of Chegg's business tutors have MBAs or Ph.D.s in business-related areas themselves, and some are college faculty members at business institutions.

Chegg tutoring packages are available in weekly plans of 30 minutes per week. A basic package costs $15 per week, and your first half hour of instruction is free. Each additional minute of tutoring per week costs 50 cents. After you list the kind of help you need, you can be connected with a Chegg tutor instantly and immediately start a live, one-on-one tutoring session.

Best Language Tutors: Skooli

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Not a native English speaker? Looking to learn or brush up on another language? Skooli has a wide variety of foreign language and ESL tutors, as well as tutors in almost every subject area. Instruction is available in English as a Second Language, French, Chinese and Spanish. What's more, Skooli's online classroom has an interactive whiteboard particularly designed for ESL students, where a tutor and student can work on English spelling and grammar together.

Many of Skooli's tutors are certified K-12 teachers or have master's or Ph.D.s in their given areas of expertise. Tutors are available at the elementary school, middle, and high school or college levels. You can access Skooli tutoring sessions on your smartphone, computer or tablet, and once you connect with a tutor, you can start a session instantly or schedule a later appointment.